Release candidate of version 2.1 available

Thu, Apr 28, 2016

The first release candidate for version 2.1 is now available from PyPI:

To try it, specify 2.1rc1 as the version otherwise the latest stable version will be install (2.0.2):

virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install mayan-edms==2.1rc1 initialsetup runserver

Here is the announcement in the mailing list:!topic/mayan-edms/Hnst3YH9Hfs

The highlights for this version are:

  • Complete move to Django 1.8 LTS (Long time support)
  • Ability to sign documents from the UI
  • HTML5 drag and drop document uploaded
  • Remove remaining references to Django’s User model. GitLab issue #225
  • Remove included login required middleware using django-stronghold instead (
  • Improve generation of success and error messages for class based views.
  • Remove ownership concept from folders.
  • Replace strip_spaces middleware with the spaceless template tag. GitLab issue #255
  • Deselect the update checkbox for optional metadata by default.
  • Silence all Django 1.8 model import warnings.
  • Implement per document type document creation permission. Closes GitLab issue #232.
  • Add icons to the document face menu links.
  • Make document type delete time period optional.
  • Fixed date locale handling in document properties, checkout and user detail views.
  • Add new permission: checkout details view.
  • Add Message of the Day app. Issue #222
  • Update Document model’s uuid field to use Django’s native UUIDField class.
  • Add new split view index navigation
  • Newly uploaded documents appear in the Recent document list of the user.
  • Document indexes now have ACL support.
  • Remove the document index setup permission.
  • Status messages now display the object class on which they operate not just the word “Object”.
  • More tests added.
  • Handle unicode filenames in staging folders.
  • Add staging file deletion permission.
  • More documentation chapters added.

Please report major bugs or issues ( so we can speed up to a final 2.1 and start working on the next version, thank you!