Mayan EDMS 0.13 released

Tue, Dec 18, 2012

New release of Mayan EDMS in time for Xmas. Improving the end user experience was the main focus of this release, easing the learning curve and removing one of the most common adoption barriers. To this accomplish this an app called Bootstrap setups was added that lowers the time and knowledge required to start using Mayan EDMS from the moment of installation. The bootstrap app works by synchronizing a list of prepackaged setups from a central repository so as more setups are published more setups will be available for users and consultants with the click of a button. This app also has the ability of “dumping” the setup of an existing installation for easy sharing, which is ideal for consultants helping their costumers configure Mayan EDMS. To compliment this app, a new chapter catering to the initial steps required to start using Mayan EDMS was added to the documentation and will continue to be expanded in subsequent releases:

Other features included: Bulk tagging and un-tagging of documents, moving documents into folders in bulk, limit indexes to a document type, permission system optimization for a nice speed up, the most amount of issues closed in any version (10).