Version 4.4.13

Fri, Mar 1, 2024

Version 4.4.13

Released: March 1, 2024


Updated dependency versions:

  • Debian Docker image from 11.8-slim to 11.9-slim.
  • pip from 23.3.2 to 24.0.
  • sphinx from 4.5.0 to 5.3.0.
  • sphinx_rtd_theme from 0.5.2 to 2.0.0.

Replaced distutils with setuptool.


Removed diagram generator markup. The library used to generate diagrams is not longer maintained and breaks after the last Pillow upgrade. Removed all diagram markup until a replacement can be found.


Encapsulated MPTT exceptions as validation errors when users attempt to perform invalid index template node tree manipulations.


Updated DEFAULT_SEARCH_QUERY_RESULTS_LIMIT from 100000 to 10000 to workaround conflicting with the ElasticSearch non scroll search hard coded limit.


Separated the code/template translation and JavaScript translation handling. This required changing the app flag has_translations to has_app_translations. It also requires adding the app flag has_javascript_translations which defaults to False.


  • Fix source class and JavaScript MayanImage class .initialize() method name.
  • Fix typos and text formatting.
  • Minor code style fixes.
  • Add an extra line to COMMON_EXTRA_APPS help text to clarify the apps inclusion order.
  • Changed the internal variable name of COMMON_EXTRA_APPS_PRE to avoid possible conflicts.
  • Add extra logging to report storage errors when deleting trashed documents as part of the retention policies.
  • Minor test fixes.
  • Fix workflow icon variable name.


Backward incompatible changes


Issues closed

  • None