Version 4.3.12

Sun, Dec 10, 2023

Version 4.3.12

Released: December 10, 2023

Status: Stable


This version merges fixes and updates from series 4.2.


Updated the GitLab CI deployment stage to not install the Docker runtime. The staging and demo environments are expected to already have Docker installed.


Updated the Docker image to skip changing the ownership of files if MAYAN_COMMON_DISABLE_LOCAL_STORAGE is set to any truthy value (True, true, T, t, Yes, yes, Y, y, 1).

Use long form for the command options in Dockerfile.


Fixed the document file page search content field label. This issue did not affect search function, only the label of the field in the search form.

File caching

Updated the cache and cache partition purge loop to continue executing even when there are files that cannot be purged. Cache partition files will be skipped and retried on the next purge execution.


Fixed the select2 widget of the metadata edit workflow action form.


Merged minor source periodic task changes. Use a constant instead of a literal to track the name of the source action execute task.


Fixed the add_file method of the TarArchive class.


Fixed test that were asserting for True values instead of asserting for equality.


  • Add event asserts in tests.
  • Code style fixes.


  • None

Backward incompatible changes

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Issues closed

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