Version 4.5.4

Wed, Oct 4, 2023

Version 4.5.4

Released: October 4, 2023

Status: Stable



Improved how caches and proxies are calculated to allow more configurations of PYPI and APT caches. Added support for upstream Docker image mirroring. These changes greatly speed up Docker image building directly and via GitOps.

GitLab CI

Support invalid characters in Docker registry login username. Support invalid CI characters like "$", such as those generated by Harbor for robot accounts.


Support runtime source action execution logic. Added the method get_allow_action_execute to provide each source control to allow or ignore action execution.

Improve email testing code to capture more edge cases.

Fixed the interpretation of the dry run value for periodic sources. This fixes the post document upload clean up of the email, watch folder, and watch storages sources.


Backward incompatible changes


Issues closed