Version 4.4.9

Sun, Oct 15, 2023

Version 4.4.9

Released: October 15, 2023

Status: Stable

This version includes fixes backported from series 4.5.


Improved how caches and proxies are calculated to allow more configurations of PYPI and APT caches. Added support for upstream Docker image mirroring. These changes greatly speed up Docker image building directly and via GitOps.

Updated the Docker builder image from version 20.10.21-dind to 23.0.6-dind. Updated the base Debian image from version debian:11.7-slim to debian:11.8-slim.

Updated the Docker image to skip changing the ownership of files if MAYAN_COMMON_DISABLE_LOCAL_STORAGE is set to any truthy value (True, true, T, t, Yes, yes, Y, y, 1).


Updated Django from version 3.2.20 to 3.2.22. Updated PIP from version 22.2 to 23.2.1. Updated PyYAML from version 6.0 to 6.0.1.

Task manager

Backported periodic task import checking to ensure only valid periodic tasks are created.


Fixed editing of existing metadata workflow actions.


  • Fix the add_file method for the TarArchive class.
  • Update the GitLab CI deployment stage to not install the Docker runtime.


Backward incompatible changes


Issues closed

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