Version 4.2.16

Wed, May 31, 2023

Version 4.2.16

Released: May 31, 2023

Status: Maintenance



Disabled the announcements app login template caching. This fixes announcement texts not changing when edits are made.


CI improvements to the documentation jobs:

  • Install wheel to use modern Python package versions.
  • Don't install or build the Mayan EDMS Python package and instead use the development code to build the documentation.
  • Ensure APT proxy quotes are escaped.
  • Move Wheel dependency version to top level config file.


Django was updated from version 3.2.16 to 3.2.19.


The variable names for the Docker credential in the staging makefile were fixed. This change only affects developers running a live staging test.

The Docker Debian image was updated from version 11.4-slim to 11.7-slim. The Redis Docker image was updated from version 6.2.11-alpine to 6.2.12-alpine.


The trashed document deletion task is now retries on database OperationalError exceptions.

On large number of documents or document with many pages, the level of deletions exceed the database capacity to fulfill them. This causes a query deadlock where one database process waits for a ShareLock on a transaction which itself is blocked by another ShareLock on the previous transaction.

After a timeout period of this circular transaction dependency an OperationalError exception will be raised and the trashed document deletion can be retried.


The documentation sitemap URL scheme format was updated to remove versioning. This fixes search engine sitemap generation.

The Flake8 command line was added to the Flake8 check step in the release chapter.

The Whoosh backend search object deletion and addition stages are now separate try and exception blocks. This is functionally the same but allows for easier debugging and smaller exception blocks with only one statement per block.


The class DocumentTestMixin was split into DocumentTypeTestMixin and DocumentTestMixin.

A task testing module was added to the documents app.

Events assertion was added to the document model tests.

User interface

A separate CSS class was created to handle unwanted second scrollbar on forms with an embedded carousel. So far this only happens on Firefox. This change also fixes the left and right margin issue with modern Chromium browsers.


A workflow action test was fixed. The test result is the same but was testing the conditions using the wrong assertion.

The widget definition of the document type change workflow action was fixed. It nows uses the proper Select2 widget to filter the selection.


  • Remove extra punctuation in help text. Text being concatenated already has punctuation. This fixes the double periods in some help texts.


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Backward incompatible changes

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