Version 4.0.17

Mon, Oct 18, 2021

Version 4.0.17

Released: October 18, 2021

Status: Maintenance



A new icon driver was added to support stacked Font Awesome icons.


The usage .user.has_usable_password was fixed. This solves the "Change Password" link not being disabled when using external authentication.


Support was added for COMMON_EXTRA_APPS_PRE. This setting works like COMMON_EXTRA_APPS but installs the new apps before the default apps. This allows the extra apps to override templates and other system data.

Support for blank/empty app URL namespaces was added. These are used to register the urlpatterns of encapsulated libraries as top level named URLs.

The user_settings folder is now created and initialized on upgrades too.

The error handling logic of the initial folder creation was improved.


Asset image cache creation was fixed. Allows using assets for decorations in all cases.


The MAYAN_GUNICORN_TEMPORARY_DIRECTORY environment variable is now exported and available to supervisord in all cases.

The owner of the /var/lib/mayan/ is now always changed on container startup. This ensures that the mayan operating system user can always read and write from and to the mounted volume.


The migration from version 3.5.x to 4.0.x was improved to ensure only one document version per document is active after the migration.


The help texts of the ORGANIZATIONS_INSTALLATION_URL and ORGANIZATIONS_URL_BASE_PATH settings were expanded to better explain their functions.


A workaround for a [swagger-spec-validator]{.pre} dependency bug was backported from version 4.1. The library jsonschema is now pinned to version 3.2.0 to avoid errors with [swagger-spec-validator]{.pre} 2.7.3. [swagger-spec-validator]{.pre} does not specify a version for jsonschema (, which installs the latest version of jsonschema, 4.0.1. This version removes jsonschema.compat still used by [swagger-spec-validator]{.pre}.


  • Add project_url attribute to the Python setup file.
  • Move the filesystem touch function to the storages app.
  • Add Redis restart step to the upgrade instructions.


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Backward incompatible changes

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