Version 4.0.8

Wed, Jun 23, 2021

Version 4.0.8

Released: June 23, 2021

Status: Stable


Background tasks

The queue distribution was tuned again to continue improving throughput and efficiency of the workers. Message consumption rate was increased for the indexing, search, uploads, duplicates, file metadata and metadata queues.

The readability Celery worker options was improved by using the long version of the options.


The Docker base image was updated from Debian:10.8-slim to Debian:10.10-slim.

The example RabbitMQ container entry in the Docker Compose file was updated to include the entries necessary to enable the image with the management plugin.

A new chapter was added explaining document files. The document version chapter was updated to include the changes since version 4.0.

Document parsing

The document parsing submit actions were updated to keep track of the user and apply it to the events when committed.


The document file and version page image API were optimized by reusing the page object per request.

The date and time of document version timestamps are now carried over during the upgrade from version 3.5.x to 4.0.x.

Fixed the situation where the document type button was not appearing. The cascade condition of the document type setup link was updated to correctly display when there are not document types created.

Digital signatures

The preparation of the GPG temporary home folder was improved. A temporary directory context manager is now used which also guarantees that the temporary folder will be removed even on failures.

The document signature logic was updated to not assume that all signatures provide a date_time field.


PIP was updated to version 21.1.2 and Django was updated from version 2.2.23 to 2.2.24.


The Docker Compose installation and upgrade instructions we improved. PostgreSQL migration instructions were also added.


The document email attachment was updated to send the active version instead of the last file uploaded. The email action will now export the active version and email that as an attachments. This mimics more closely the existing behavior of this feature before the document version were separated into versions and files.

File metadata

The file metadata submit actions were updated to keep track of the user and apply it to the events committed.


Fixed an issue with the document metadata add and edit actions which caused the user value to be ignored at the event commit.


The direct deployment and Docker supervisord templates were unified. The direct deployment and the Docker image now use the same supervisord template.

The GitLab CI configuration files and the Dockerfile were converted into templates. This allows these to use the same settings and Docker image tags as the rest of the project without requiring manual updates.


Event testing was improved for several apps. Events testing is now performed in an unified manner using the provided ._clear_events() and .get_test_events(). This supersedes importing the Action model directly.


  • Make optional the user_id argument of task_document_file_page_image_generate.
  • Don't cache the missing items template to allow it to be removed when the missing items are fixed.
  • Apply small optimization to MultipleObjectViewMixin .get_object_list() method. The method now reuses the existing pk_list variable.
  • Add serializer explicit read only fields.
  • Optimize documents app saves with update_fields.


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Backward incompatible changes

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