Version 3.4.16

Sun, Aug 30, 2020

Released: August 30, 2020



Language chapter of the documentation was expanded to better explain how to add more languages for documents.

File caching

An issue with a missing file closing statement in the file caching app was fixed. This fix makes it now possible to use object storage for the document image cache.


The minimum and recommended requirements were update to include GNU Linux distribution, language, and database versions.


  • Fix logging entry for source errors.


  • None

Issues closed

  • GitLab issue #536 pip install --no-cache-dir requires more updated pip & setuptools
  • GitLab issue #807 Duplicate Key - Preview image not generated
  • GitLab issue #816 Unexpected exception while trying to save new cache file; UNIQUE constraint failed: file_caching_cachepartitionfile.partition_id, file_caching_cachepartitionfile.filename
  • GitLab issue #831 Finnish, whose endonym is suomi, not in the list of languages while tesseract-ocr-fin installed
  • GitLab issue #870 CachePartion.create_file contextmanager doesn't close storage file properly