Version 3.4.15

Wed, Aug 26, 2020

Version 3.4.15

Released: August 26, 2020



A new API endpoint was added to show the valid permissions for a model. This is useful when creating or editing ACLs via the API. The URL for the new endpoint is: [/api/objects/{app}/{model}/permissions/]{.pre}.


An issue was fixed where the incorrect user was shown in the logs for the comment edit event. A limitation in the API library used does not allow passing the correct user to the event system. Therefore a future feature was backported and applied only to the comments model to solve the issue.


The chapter description the settings system was expanded to show the loading order and the priority of the different setting methods.


An bug was fixed the caused an error when adding a text area widget for a workflow transition field.


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Backward incompatible changes

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