Version 3.3.15

Thu, Mar 5, 2020

Version 3.3.15

Released: March 5, 2020



Add more API tests to the Tags app.


Remove remaining Wiki links from README files


New Django settings are now exposed and configurable using Mayan's setting system: SECURE_PROXY_SSL_HEADER, USE_X_FORWARDED_HOST, and USE_X_FORWARDED_PORT.

The default value of the DATABASE_CONN_MAX_AGE setting was changed to 0. This is Django's default and safest value.

Converted the hard-coded constant STUB_EXPIRATION_INTERVAL into a user setting named DOCUMENTS_STUB_EXPIRATION_INTERVAL. Defaults to previous value of 24 hours to preserve existing behavior.


A new Docker only environment setting was added. The environment setting MAYAN_SKIP_CHOWN_ON_STARTUP is used to skip performing the initial chown command on the media folder when the Docker container starts. The command chown is slow on non native block storage backends and not needed for most object storage backends.

The default Docker Compose file was updated to allow multiple environment variables to be overridden using a Docker .env file.

A new Docker environment variable named MAYAN_DOCKER_WAIT was added. This controls a native implementation of a wait cycle to allow the container to wait until the containers it is dependent, are ready to accept connections.

User interface

The icon used for multi document cabinet add action was corrected.


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