Version 3.3.7

Tue, Dec 31, 2019

Version 3.3.7

Released: December 31, 2019



The version of Django used has been updated to 1.11.27.


The FAQ and troubleshooting chapters were updated.

A new troubleshooting section regarding NFS locking issues was added.


The Docker installer, Docker makefile, sample docker-compose file, and documentation were updated to add a password to the Redis container.

Data integrity

Database transaction handling improvements were added to the file metadata, OCR, and document parsing apps.

File metadata

The file metadata driver database registration was improved along with the database model representation. This change also benefits and make indexing based on file metadata properties more reliable.


Indexes are now initialized in a predictable way and only once instead of on each access. This avoids index updates log messages under heavy load.


The mirroring code was updated to support slashes in index node values and document labels. Support for duplicate nodes values or documents labels was also added. Slashes are now replaced with underscores. To handle duplicates, the primary key of the object is appended to the label inside parenthesis. For example, for two documents named "sample.pdf" in the index level, and with the respective primary keys 100 and 101, their mirroring entries would appear as "sample.pdf(100)" and "sample.pdf(101)".


Python Redis client version 3.3.11 is now used to enable the .client() method for the Redis lock backend.

Version checking was also added to the Redis lock backend.


Issues manifesting for the POP3 source under Python 3 were fixed.


The Selenium tests are now run in headless mode to improve execution speed.

Several new unit tests were added, including an entire test suit for the common.http.URL class.

A fake config file is now used during tests.

Add new test case BaseTransactionTestCase was added for tests that rely on database transactions.

User interface

The repeated document tags preview column was removed.

The cabinet edit links were removed from the document cabinet list view.

The warning messages template of the MissingItem class was finished. This class will warn users via an on screen alert if a crucial element is missing. Situations like no document types or no document sources.


The workflow document signing action was fixed. Also a message was added to help users when trying to use the action for an initial workflow state. The document signing action relies on a document version being available which is not the case if the action is executed at the same moment the document is created as it has not finished introspection and its initial version missing.


  • None

Backward incompatible changes

  • None

Bugs fixed or issues closed

  • GitLab issue #712 redis lacks support for password authentication (docker)

  • GitLab issue #719 Redis Lock Backend - 'Redis' object has no attribute 'client'

  • GitLab issue #720 Batch metadata processing or parsing will fail the index tasks: IndexInstanceNode matching query does not exist.

  • GitLab issue #722 Mountindex - child nodes containing special characters won't show up in mounted folder

  • GitLab issue #724 Email Source no longer working after upgrade to 3.3.6

  • GitLab issue #726 If I try to add an Sign document (embedded) action on saving it is failing with an Internal Server Error action.

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