Version 3.3.5

Fri, Dec 13, 2019

Version 3.3.5

Released: December 13, 2019



The ID and URL of the checkout model was added the serializer. This adds these two fields to the entries of the checkout list API view. This change makes it easy to determine which checkout resource to delete to check in a document.


The size of several fields was increased. These were: role label field size from 64 to 128 characters, smart link label size from 96 to 128 characters, and the source label field size from 64 to 128 characters.

Migrations were added to all changes and these will me applied automatically during upgrade.


Versions of django-timezone-field and kombu were pinned to specific version known to work correctly. This avoids two installations of Mayan EDMS to end up with different versions of these two libraries.


The library Django DownloadView was removed. The code to support all downloads (document, version, keys, signatures) was been implement natively using a modified port of Django 2.2 FileResponse.


All initial setting migrations have been updated to accept manually migrated settings too.


The web link template field and the smart links fields were updated to use the new TemplateField form field. This is the same field used in the templating sandbox.


The process of creating the temporary config file used in setting tests has been unified. All setting tests create the test config file in a predictable way now.

User interface

Some remaining instances of the word "weblink" were renamed to "web link".

It was a Mayan EDMS anti-pattern to have the resolved web links and smart links show their template edit and delete buttons. This has been rectified in this version.

Missing link icons were added for several apps. Likewise some missing field help texts were also added.


The TemplateField field now shows the available variable in the help text automatically. There is no need to modify the help text anymore.

The method to add the BaseTransformationTypemetaclass metaclass to the BaseTransformation class, has been updated again to make it compatible with Python 2 and Python 3.


  • Django download views library.

Backward incompatible changes

  • None

Bugs fixed or issues closed

  • GitLab issue #698 3.3.3 install - ERROR: django-timezone-field 4.0 has requirement django>=2.2, but you'll have django 1.11.26 which is incompatible.
  • GitLab issue #699 3.3.3 - TypeError: can't pickle memoryview objects