Version 3.3.4

Mon, Dec 9, 2019

Version 3.3.4

Released: December 09, 2019



Switched from librabbitmq to [py-amqp]{.pre}. This library is used to connect to RabbitMQ and be used as the message broker for the background tasks. Although the official documentation still lists librabbitmq, maintainers are recommending users to move to [py-amqp]{.pre}.


Fixed the label display of the transformations. The way the BaseTransformationType metaclass is passed was updated to work on Python 3.


Updated devpi-server version to 5.3.1.

Added targets to run staging containers using RabbitMQ as broker.

Fix docker-runtest-all makefile target.


Changed the gunicorn worker class to synchronous. This change was made in the Docker image and is now the worker class for the direct deployment too. Update the supervisord config file to activate this change. This solves spurious HTTP timeout errors caused by Celery's new Redis interface not working with threaded serverlets.

File metadata

Add locking to the file metadata document processing task.


The setting override columns was changed from text to a check mark widget. This makes it clear when a setting is being overridden by an environment variable.

Added icons to the smart settings links.

Fixed the evaluation priority of the bootstrap settings. This issue was causing environment variables to be ignored in favor of config file values on Docker images.

User interface

Darken content area when opening the mobile menu.


Don't set SourceColumn to the attribute name when no help text is defined.


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Backward incompatible changes

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Bugs fixed or issues closed