Version 3.2.1

Fri, Jun 14, 2019

Version 3.2.1

Released: June 14, 2019


  • Fix sub cabinet creation view. Thanks to Frédéric Sheedy (@fsheedy) for the report.
  • Add PostgreSQL troubleshooting entry. Closes GitLab issues #523 and #602
  • Use YAML SafeDumper to avoid adding YAML datatype tags. Closes GitLab issue #599. Thanks to Frédéric Sheedy (@fsheedy) for the report and debug information.
  • Add check for app references and point users to release notes for details. GitLab issue #603. Thanks to Vikas Kedia (@vikaskedia) for the report.
  • Remove sidebar floar right. Fixed GitLab issue #600. Thanks to Frédéric Sheedy (@fsheedy) for the report and debug information.
  • Collapse sidebar on small screen Display sidebar at the bottom of the screen on small displays.


  • None

Upgrading from a previous version

If installed via Python's PIP

Remove deprecated requirements:

 $ curl | pip uninstall -r /dev/stdin 

Type in the console:

 $ pip install mayan-edms==3.2.1 

the requirements will also be updated automatically.

Using Git

If you installed Mayan EDMS by cloning the Git repository issue the commands:

 $ git reset --hard HEAD $ git pull 

otherwise download the compressed archived and uncompress it overriding the existing installation.

Remove deprecated requirements:

 $ pip uninstall -y -r removals.txt 

Next upgrade/add the new requirements:

 $ pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt 

Common steps

Perform these steps after updating the code from either step above.

Make a backup of your supervisord file:

 sudo cp /etc/supervisor/conf.d/mayan.conf /etc/supervisor/conf.d/mayan.conf.bck 

Update the supervisord configuration file. Replace the environment variables values show here with your respective settings. This step will refresh the supervisord configuration file with the new queues and the latest recommended layout:

 sudo sh -c "MAYAN_DATABASE_ENGINE=django.db.backends.postgresql MAYAN_DATABASE_NAME=mayan \ MAYAN_DATABASE_PASSWORD=mayanuserpass MAYAN_DATABASE_USER=mayan \ MAYAN_DATABASE_HOST= MAYAN_MEDIA_ROOT=/opt/mayan-edms/media \ /opt/mayan-edms/bin/ platformtemplate supervisord > /etc/supervisor/conf.d/mayan.conf" 

Edit the supervisord configuration file and update any setting the template generator missed:

 vi /etc/supervisor/conf.d/mayan.conf 

Migrate existing database schema with:

 $ performupgrade 

Add new static media:

 $ preparestatic --noinput 

The upgrade procedure is now complete.

Backward incompatible changes

  • None

Bugs fixed or issues closed