Mayan development work in progress

Tue, Aug 7, 2012

This has been a very exciting development cycle, many new additions are making their way into the code as well as third party project support. A huge thanks go to RTM-IT corp. for their donation of Citadel, their commercial clustering product for Mayan EDMS. Citadel is now part of the Free Open Source version of Mayan EDMS and available for everyone to use and enjoy! We hope that along with RTM-IT Corp. and SeeOpen S.r.l. other commercial organizations step up and contribute to the core of what Mayan EDMS is. If you make money somehow from Mayan EDMS please consider giving something back to the community, whether it is monetary donations, patches, testing and now that clustering is an integral part of Mayan EDMS, hardware for a server farm for testing will be needed, so every bit helps.

Another great news is that the first mobile app specifically designed for Mayan EDMS is in the works by Pablo Juan Rivera (orangethirty). Along with a major re-factoring of every internal code from navigation to tool registration some frequently requested additions have been implemented and added like:a complete move to Django 1.4, a bootstrap app to create metadata, indexes and document types to help user get up and running faster when installing Mayan EDMS for the first time. Several more translations have made their way: Dutch (Lucas Weel), Bulgarian (Iliya Georgiev and Koldo) and French (Pierre Lhoste). Full migration to South, this will make upgrade from this next version onward much easier. Trash can support, a Pygments renderer to support colorized display of code files, initial implementation of retention policies and many more fixes and small updates everywhere.