What's been happening

Wed, Dec 5, 2012

If you are wondering why your emails or posts on the mailing list are taking a bit longer than usual to get answered here is what has been going on backstage.

Ironically the latest developments of Mayan EDMS have little to do with software development. A lot of work is going into getting Mayan EDMS the proper commercial backing it needs to continue growing at the rate it has been going. That being said, growing too fast is also one of the quick ways a product or a company can also extinguish itself, so I’m being very wary of that too.

Documen.to, the commercial side of Mayan EDMS now has two new co-founders to help with the increasing demand for licenses and support contracts and by the way things are going that number is bound to increase soon.

In regards with the branding I’ve team up with GeekLocale to produce the Mayan EDMS logo in physical form for use with the hardware document appliances and anything else that comes up and am very pleased with the results:

Furthermore, I’m supporting the initiative to create a certification for document management the CompTIA Certified Document Imaging Architect (CDIA+) certification:

and took the beta exam as part of that process to help in turn validate the work being put into Mayan EDMS and Documen.to.

And last but not least, today in a few hours will be in the first of a few round of meetings with investors (both non profit and private) who have approached wanting to be a part of Mayan EDMS , Documen.to and their expected growth.

It’s been a great adventure turning a pet project into a full fledged Free Open Source project with commercial backing and I can barely wait to see what tomorrow brings.