Mayan EDMS version 1.1 released

Sun, Feb 22, 2015

Although it was a minor version in numbering it could be argued that this is a new mayor version of Mayan EDMS if it were for the amount of new features and improvements!

This version took barely 4 months to be completed. More than 70 issues closed, and 800+ commits were added to the repository. Some of the most important features and additions include:

  • A complete move to Celery for background task processing, including thumbnail generation.
  • Much expanded REST API.
  • Sending documents link or documents as attachments via email.
  • New release cycle with focus of maintenance and support.
  • Receiving documents via email (IMAP and POP supported).
  • Addition of watched folders.
  • No more segfaults when generating PDF.
  • Browser memory usage reduction, hundred page documents load and display much better.
  • Per user language and timezone settings.
  • Optional and required metadata per document types.
  • Explicit testing against PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite.
  • Per document language setting.
  • Metadata validation and parsing.
  • Document workflows.

Big thanks to all contributors, testers, translators, and mailing members, and big thanks to our two corporate sponsors: Cryptico Corp. and S.A. LLC, their support allowed me to work full time on Mayan EDMS these past 4 months.

Enjoy Mayan EDMS 1.1!