GPL violations

Mon, Aug 27, 2012

I choose to release Mayan EDMS under the GPL which means you get the source code of the software plus the freedom to use it, modify it and pass it on forward to other people. I share the fruits of my labor and all that you are asked to do is share what you build on top of Mayan EDMS too. If being given the software with all these liberties and that simple requirement wasn’t enough, Mayan EDMS is also provided free of charge, it cost you $0.00 to download, install or use, there is no registration required, there are no limitation of the amount of user, roles, group, folders, documents, indexes or features, unlike most other open source document management software in the market. However that doesn’t mean Mayan EDMS is public domain and that it belongs to everybody, that’s the only thing I’m keeping for myself, it is my property but I’m choosing to share it with you. If you fork Mayan EDMS into a closed or private respository, stop and think about what you are doing because you going about it the wrong way. Likewise if you fork Mayan EDMS and the first patch you commit is to change the name, stop. It has come to my attention that there are a number of unauthorized forks of Mayan EDMS being offered for download as if the original version was being abandoned and at least one fork is being sold with a comercial license to add insult to injury. These violators have been listed in a new page called GPL violations.

How will this affect the future of Mayan EDMS? It is too early to tell, what is certain is that the latest technologies being added to Mayan EDMS must be protected until they are ready to be released. Taking this into account and effective inmediately the development branch has been removed from the public repository until I figure out what to do or that it is finished and ready for public release as the next version of Mayan EDMS.