Addressing license and source code concerns

Sun, Sep 30, 2012

Every project grows, and in just 19 months Mayan EDMS has grown beyond my wildest dreams, the events of the following days were just the growing pains as the old structure could no longer support its new developments. I have listened to every opinion and argument made during this process and have asked the community to voice their opinion about an even greater number of topics, using all that feedback I have started to restructure the project and every aspect around it.

I will not change the license of Mayan EDMS. I will also continue to work on the software as scheduled. There were never plans for Mayan to go closed source or to stop being released under the GPL. Still, I gave the benefit of the doubt regarding the license choice and the opinion of the community echoes mine. My only concerns were for those that were not following the terms of the GPL license and that were infringing on my copyrights. I was not insinuating any type of adverse action against those complying with the GPL license. I understand your concerns regarding Mayan EDMS, and appreciate the fervor with which you have defended it. Rest assured knowing that Mayan EDMS is and will continue to be released under the GPL.

While I have been available to provide commercial services for Mayan EDMS for a while, that availability was not advertised in Mayan EDMS‘ website as I thought it would be best keep my personal commercial enterprises separated from the Free Open Source parts of the project, instead choosing that space to promote the commercial services of others. Thanks to this process, I have also learned that the majority of users prefer to have the author of the project as their first option when seeking commercial support. The perceived notion that I was not available to provide those services has been named consistently as the primary motivation for the attempts to provide commercial services by individuals and corporation that did not had a complete grasp of the workings of the GPL.

Among the many changes of this reorganization process, Mayan EDMS and myself now have official legal counsels and Mayan EDMS will be become a member of the Free Software Foundation and similar organizations to help users understand and comply with the GPL in a form that works best from the Free and commercial points of view.

To summarize, I am making my availability to provide services and consulting personally through my startup more visible. Companies or individuals interested in receiving services for Mayan EDMS, know, that in addition of the existing and excellent network of service providers, you may hire me, its author, to install and maintain Mayan EDMS for you. The new legal counsels are hard at work drafting several new licenses to cater for every commercial situation where the GPL may not be the best fit. The website, another critical point raised during these days, has been updated visually and technologically to provide greater communication channels for users to more easily reach me and communicate their concerns. And last but not least the branches named ‘hotfix/v0.12.3‘ with updates for the next maintenance version and ‘development‘ containing the latest cutting edge code of the next major version of Mayan EDMS have been made available once again on the official repository on Github for everybody to continue cloning, forking and hacking on it.

Finally, but no less important, I want to thank all the news outlets that reported on this situation for providing the necessary forums for discussion; where there is no discussion there cannot be consensus. And my most sincere hanks to everyone, everywhere in the world, who voiced their opinion, even when not voiced in the best of languages it was still much appreciated. Thank you.