Version 3.5.3

Wed, Nov 11, 2020

Released: November 11, 2020



Update Dropzone from version 5.4.0 to 5.7.2. Fix column display issue in the dependency list views.

The severity of the VariableDoesNotExist exception was lowered when resolving links. This exception does not is indicative of an error in the code. It is used to catch missing object during the view object resolution phase when resolving navigation links.


The custom upload template used by the sources app was removed and the app template loader used instead.

With the Dropzone upgrade, it is was possible to remove the upload size limit.

The CSS of the Dropzone error message box was tweaked to widen it and increase the area of error message texts.

An issue that resulted in new documents having two versions was fixed. This issue was introduced in 865ae60fcef38e07bbf6d09bd6032017e3603698 when support for adding document stubs in signal handlers was added. This issue causes new documents to contain two versions instead of one. The only consequence of this issue is extra storage usage, no data loss occurs. The extra document version can be safely deleted by using the document version revert feature. Doing this will delete the extra document version from the database and from the storage.


Ensure the document tag list view return DocumentTag instances and not regular Tag instances. This last ones include editing links not meant for the view.


The initial state column for workflow proxies was removed as it did not added valuable information but caused confusion in users.


Merge improvements and fixes from version 3.4.20.


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