Version 3.4.13

Sat, Aug 8, 2020

Released: August 8, 2020



The Django version used was updated from 2.2.14 to 2.2.15 (

The Sphinx version used was updated from version 3.0.3 to 3.0.4. (

Document signing

The URL used for redirection after creating an embedded signature was fixed. The URL generated will point to the latest document version created as part of the signing process.


The document type OCR settings are now exposed via the REST API.


The document type parsing settings are now exposed via the REST API.


The tags API was updated to use the same internal services to attach and remove tags, this ensures that the tag events are triggered like they do when using the normal HTML views.


Support was added to search documents and document pages by their workflow transition comments.

User interface

Updates for the search app icons and the document trash can icon were backported from version 3.5a1.


  • Add keyword arguments to the any_stream() function.
  • Rename event_tag_remove to event_tag_removed.


  • None

Backward incompatible changes

  • None

Issues closed