Version 3.4.5

Wed, Apr 1, 2020

Released: April 14 2020



An issue that prevented switching the document list mode in the cabinet detail view was fixed.


It is now possible to add apps without an urlpatterns entry. This makes it easier to add custom apps that do not provide any views.


The Un series Korean TrueType fonts (fonts-unfonts-core) was added to the Docker image to allow rendering Korean language documents.

The Docker image was updated to use the latest Debian 10.3 (Buster) version.


The document page disable and enable links were fixed.

A typo in the document version upload URL pattern was also fixed.

The icon used for returning to the document from different children views was standardized.

Index mirroring

An issue with the FUSE index mirror affecting documents with a zero or null size was fixed.


A a dependency definition for the GPG binary used by the Django GPG app was added. This entry allow validating the existence of binary.

A typo in the resolved smart link URL parameter was fixed.

The resolved smart link access filtering was improved and some permission edge cases solved.


A specific scenario with the document count limit quota backend where a user might still be able to upload a new document past the quota limit was fixed.

The signal handling in the quota app was updated to work with more deployment types.

User interface

The links to return to a document from its page list, version detail and page image views, were moved from the facet menu to the secondary menu for consistent UX flow.

The extra small button appearance was fined tune for visual uniformity and to reduce the screen space used.

Some of the extra small button presentation was from the template code to the stylesheet.


  • None

Backward incompatible changes

  • None

Issues closed

  • GitLab issue #797 mountindex: Uncaught exception from FUSE operation getattr, returning errno.EINVAL.
  • GitLab issue #809 disable page URL not building correctly - 3.4.1-3.4.4