This page lists projects related to Mayan EDMS

Mayan EDMS Salt Stack formula

Salt stack formula for deploying the Mayan-EDMS system

Mayan EDMS Manual project

Project repository for the Mayan EDMS manual written in AsciiDoc

Mayan Cabinets

Mayan EDMS app that stores documents in a multi level hierarchy

Mayan EDMS Ansible

Ansible playbook for deploying the Mayan-EDMS system

Mayan EXIF

Mayan EDMS app that extracts image documents' EXIF data.

Mayan Document Renaming

Automatic document renaming app for Mayan EDMS.

Python API client

Python client for the Mayan EDMS REST API.


Java uploader for Mayan EDMS.

Mayan EDMS Document Analyzer

Generic document analyzer app.

Mayan EDMS fabric

Fabric project to deploy Mayan EDMS.

Official docker container

Docker file image for Mayan EDMS.

Cookiecutter Mayan

A cookiecutter template for creating Mayan EDMS apps quickly.

Mayan EDMS website

Statically generated website for Mayan EDMS.

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